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AutoCAD 2D / 3D online training from scratch for free from Yevgeny Kuritsin

I suggest you take free AutoCAD courses online from scratch (full edition 2D design and 3D modeling) . Courses are suitable for designers, architects, designers or designers, and for novice users undergoing training in educational institutions.

After studying the courses AutoCAD online independently "without leaving home", you will be able to fully master the functionality of the program. To validate your knowledge of the program, you can pass certification exams for an international Autodesk certificate at any certified center (cheaper, not time consuming) .

Autodesk takes care of its products and users by updating AutoCAD annually while maintaining the benefits of previous versions. Adaptive interface settings (program appearance) and its color rendition are pleasant for the eyes - impressive. Adding new features of the program: interface adaptations, commands (tools), variables, etc. - Autodesk does not remove old work tools, allowing users to seamlessly switch to new tools! I would like to pay attention to the presence of intuitive commands of the program, the way they enter and select options, which greatly increases the speed (efficiency) of work in the system - because the user does not need to spend time accessing the tape tools Classic toolbars and menu bar. The tendency of development of the software package allows users, having learned to work in AutoCAD on the basis of the latest version, to easily use the knowledge gained, working in earlier versions of the program.

AutoCAD has a project development environment both in the plane (two-dimensional design) and in space (3D modeling). Allows you to create project documentation and has visualization tools. It exports / imports projects with other CAD / CAM / CAE systems.

Many people think that the creation of three-dimensional models in AutoCAD is a more laborious process than the construction of their projections on a plane. But practice shows that having studied 3D modeling in AutoCAD, the project release rate has increased several times , especially since the visual perception of 3D models and the automatic production of projection views from them allows you to automatically eliminate a number of typical errors in design drawings. < / p>

Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 - 2018/2019 2D / 3D "Two-Dimensional Design" courses contain theoretical and practical lessons. Thanks to a systematic approach to learning AutoCAD, you can easily learn the material.

Complete free AutoCAD training from scratch on your own online courses in the “School for Modeling, Designing and Designing a Portal portal”, and you can create projects from simple to the most complex.

A set of courses to meet the requirements of the Autodesk User and Professional exams.

AutoCAD 2D-3D Courses

Autodesk AutoCAD 2012–2018/2019 Two-Dimensional Design (Full Edition)

You will learn:

  • work with 2D drawings;
  • create annotative objects and print output;
  • Customize AutoCAD to enterprise standards.