Frame Modeling in AutoCAD

  • Use basic and advanced commands for editing objects studied in AutoCAD 2D video tutorials in three-dimensional space
    • Similarity command, Trim / Extend, Mirror, Scale, Stretch, Conjugation, Chamfer, Rotate, Array, Copy and Move to AutoCAD 3D.
  • Use special commands and options for editing objects in AutoCAD 3D
    • 3D TRANSFORM command - Transfer Gizmo.
      • Options - Base point, copy, cancel, exit.
    • 3D POVER command - Turning gizmo.
      • Options - Base point, copy, cancel, reference, exit.
    • К 3DMASHSTAB - Scaling gizmo.
      • Options - Base point, copy, cancel, reference, exit.
    • Gizmo in AutoCAD 3D - Gizmo context menu.
    • 3D MIRROR command.
      • Options - Object, last, Zs, view, XY, YZ, ZX, 3 points.
    • 3D LINE and LEVEL command.
    • The height property of 2D objects in AutoCAD.
  • Non-flat curves in AutoCAD 3D.
    • Team Spiral.
      • Options - End point of the axis, turns, height of the coil, twisting.
    • 3D PLAINLINE command - 3D polyline.
  • Practical video lesson "Frame details in AutoCAD 3D"
  • United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada
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