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No drawing can do without text in AutoCAD, which includes text explanations or alphanumeric designations. At the same time, the text on the professional drawing must comply with the accepted standard GOST 2.304-81 for all industries and construction.

The text in the program means separate object.

Almost with every new version of the program, the text editor was modified: new functions appeared, the interface was refined, automatic text editing was introduced, the ability to insert (import) text into AutoCAD, etc. was improved. I will quote the words of my teacher.

  1. Old dot-matrix plotters (printers) slowed down the process of printing large drawings containing AutoCAD text.
  2. The text editor in the old versions of the system was poorly functional.

In this regard, the text was typed separately from the drawing in text editors, and then pasted on the drawing.

Толстов Е.В.

In this section, I will answer the main questions:

  • what kinds of text are there;
  • how to write, edit (change) text in AutoCAD;
  • text styles, text fonts, text according to GOST, etc.

AutoCAD Text Types (Types)

The text in the program is divided into 2 types of text:

  • single line text;
  • multi-line text.

For the creation of a certain type of text AutoCAD has its own team.

Over time, I think single-line text will be superseded by multi-line text, since it has more "flexibility" (functionality).

Before you start learning how to create single-line or multi-line text, you need to examine the text styles in AutoCAD..

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