Editing objects (drawings) in AutoCAD

In the previous section, we looked at creating objects. Now consider the editing commands in AutoCAD, which allow you to edit objects (groups of objects) or whole drawings. Knowledge of the basics of editing objects (drawings) will allow you to work in the system quickly and efficiently. Editing commands allow you to rotate, copy, scale objects, edit text, hatching, dimensions, etc.

Without a detailed study of all the editing commands of the system, you will not be able to properly edit the drawings.

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Editing toolbar

The main editing commands of AutoCAD, as well as frequently used advanced editing commands, are located on the Edit toolbar . One Edit toolbar & nbsp; is built into the tool ribbon, and the second is a floating toolbar that you can commit.How to work with toolbars in the program и настроить панели под себя customize panels for yourself Customization.

You can find commands for editing objects in AutoCAD on the menu bar "Edit".

A way to call editing commands from the menu bar was distributed in older versions of the program using the classic interface, although the line The menu can also be displayed in new versions

Professional course involves the study of a program that goes beyond the standard framework for teaching material, therefore it is desirable add missing buttons of editing commands to the" Editing "toolbar . Toolbar & nbsp; Edit & nbsp; and Edit 2 & nbsp; combine for ease of use.

Commands for editing objects (drawings) in AutoCAD

You can call editing commands in one of the following ways:

  • from the menu bar, the item "Edit" & nbsp; is a drop-down list of commands for editing objects (drawings) in AutoCAD.
  • on the Home tab of the toolbars, in the Edit group. By the group "Editing" & nbsp; toolbars I mean the built-in toolbar "Editing".
  • on the Edit toolbar.
  • Or enter the name of the team in the command line.

Commands for editing objects (drawings) in AutoCAD can be executed both in the preliminary mode and in the deferred mode выбора. However, there are exceptions, mostly advanced editing commands:

List (list) of editing commands with a brief description.

Button Name Description
  Move Moves objects around AutoCAD drawing.
  Copy Copies objects.
  Rotate Rotate selected objects around point.
  Trim Trim objects along the specified cutting edge in AutoCAD.
  Extend Build the continuation of the object to the edge edge in AutoCAD.
  Chamfer Used to create bevels of the corners of objects.
  Fillet Used to create fillet angles and smooth blend of objects.
  Mirror Builds a mirror copy of the selected objects.
  Offset Builds similar AutoCAD objects.
  Stretch Extends objects in AutoCAD.
  Scale Object scaling command.
  Array Used to create arrays in AutoCAD.
  Break Build a gap between two points of an object.
  Lengthen Designed to extend AutoCAD objects.
  Divide Mark up the object into a specified number of equal parts.
  Measure Marks objects at intervals of a given length.
  Align Alignment of some objects relative to others.
  PEdit To edit polylines and three-dimensional grids in AutoCAD.
  MLEDIT Performs editing of a multiline

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