Drawing in AutoCAD primitive objects, complex objects

Drawing commands are basic commands when creating a drawing, because a simple project can be performed even without editing tools.

In this chapter, we will explore the AutoCAD Drawing Toolbar, which includes commands for drawing standard primitive objects: xline, ray, line, circle, rectangle etc., as well as drawing tools for creating complex objects: spline, ellipse, polyline etc. The “Drawing” section will also be of interest to users who are already working in the program, because the entire functionality of the drawing commandswill be parsed.

Here you will find illustrated articles, as well as video tutorials describing basic and advanced tools that allow you to draw in AutoCAD.

Stream/Video "Drawing Toolbar"

AutoCAD Drawing Toolbar

Basic drawing commands, as well as frequently used advanced drawing commands, are located on the Drawing toolbar. One Drawing toolbar in AutoCAD is built into the tool ribbon, and the second is a floating panel that can be fixed. How to work with toolbars и you can find customized panels in the section Customized settings.

You can find AutoCAD drawing commands in the menu bar "Drawing".

A method for invoking drawing commands from the menu bar was distributed in older versions of the program using classic interface, although the line the menu can be displayed in new versions of the program.

AutoCAD's professional course involves studying a system that goes beyond the standard teaching material, so it’s advisable to add the missing buttons for drawing commands to the panel drawing tools.

Commands to draw objects (drawings) in AutoCAD

You can call drawing commands in one of the following ways:

  • from the menu bar, select Drawing - a drop-down list of commands for drawing objects (drawings)
  • on the Home tab, the ribbon of tools is in the Drawing group.

By the “Drawing” group of the ribbon of tools, I mean the built-in toolbar of AutoCAD Drawing.

  • on the Drawing toolbar.
  • Or enter the command name on the command line.

Commands for drawing objects (drawings) in AutoCAD can be executed both in the preliminary mode and in the deferred mode select. However, there are exception commands, mostly advanced drawing commands:

Draw Toolbar Commands with Short Description
Button Name Description
The tool for drawing the straight AutoCAD. Xline Draws auxiliary infinite straight lines in AutoCAD - the "Direct" object.
A tool for drawing a beam in AutoCAD. Ray Construction of an auxiliary line starting at a point and infinite in one direction - the Ray object.
Team drawing a segment in AutoCAD. Line Drawing in AutoCAD straight-line segments, a broken line - the object "Line".
Drawing command in AutoCAD rectangle . Rectang Building a rectangular polyline (rectangle) in AutoCAD — a Polyline object.
Drawing command in AutoCAD polygon. Polygon Creating an equilateral closed polyline (regular polygon) is the Polyline object.
The command for drawing a Circle object in AutoCAD. Circle Drawing a circle (circle) in AutoCAD - Circle object.
Tool for creating arcs in AutoCAD. Arc Creating an AutoCAD Arc — The Arc Object.
AutoCAD creation tool for ellipses . Ellipse Building an ellipse in AutoCAD is an "Ellipse" object.
The creation tool in AutoCAD elliptical arcs. Elliptical arc The Elliptical Arc tool, drawing elliptical arcs in the AutoCAD of the Ellipse command is an Ellipse object.
Ring Drawing Tool AutoCAD Donut Creating a circle with a fill or a wide ring is a Polyline object.
AutoCAD drawing tool & quot; Tag cloud & quot ;. Revcloud The drawing command in AutoCAD of the marking (correctional) cloud is a Polyline object.
Tool drawing AutoCAD Point Point Create a hotspot object.
The command to draw a polyline in AutoCAD . pline Drawing two-dimensional polylines in AutoCAD - Polyline object.
The Spline AutoCAD drawing command. Spline Creating a spline in AutoCAD - the object "Spline".
AutoCAD multiline drawing command. mline Drawing parallel lines in AutoCAD is a Multiline object.

Master the AutoCAD drawing panel on a professional level, good luck to you!

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List (list) of AutoCAD 2D-3D commands.

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